School Commission

The mission of the School Commission is to assist the pastor and principal in the oversight of the Our Lady of the Greenwood School.

2018-2019 School Commission Board Members
Chair: Luis Barajas; sub-committee: Chair Marketing
Vice Chair: Greg Wegesin; sub-committee Chair Leadership/Governance
Secretary: Anissa Benich; sub-committee: Finance

Catholic Identity, Finance, Leadership/Governance, Marketing, Academic Excellence

Voting Members:
Audra Ferguson-Allen: Finance
Nick Scott: Leadership/Governance
Carrie Mears: Catholic Identity
Isaac Lara: Voting member at large
Pat Mahin: Voting member at large
Joni Serowik: Voting member at large
Ron Bajuyo: Marketing
Eric Moster: Marketing
Carrie Mahin: PTO Representative

Non-Voting Members:
Msgr Mark Svarczkopf: Pastor
Fran Reiley: Parish Admin and Finance sub-committee
Tony Cooper: Parish Admin and Stewardship
Linda Dickey: Academic Excellence
Kent Clady: Advisor and Principal
Elizabeth Barajas: Catholic Identity sub-committee
Sarah Coppinger: Finance/SCRIP

Meeting Minutes:

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