I love OLG…

First Grade
because I want to learn and to play with my friends. I like to read and do math and do reading and to do snack and prayer time, and to do a lot of them. Yarline
because all of our teachers and church and volleyball. Emilia
because it is holy and God is with me. I love you Fr. Mike because he is good. I love you because you are holy. Julian
because of the teachers. I love Fr. Mike. Alec
because I have a nice principal! And a nice teacher. Leah
because it is special. We learn about God and everyone is special in their own way and we all love one another! Anaya
because I like the morning care teachers. Andy
because God is with me here! Sebastian
because I like gym class. Marcos
because I can see my friends and learn about stuff. I love my family in the school. Evan
because of the teachers. I love it because the cooks are the best. Jacob
because I have lots of friends and lots of teachers and I love Mr. Clady. God is good all the time. John
because I love the teachers here. Rowan
because I love my Catholic schools because I have fun in first grade. Ms. Sexton is nice! Dylan
because Mr. Clady is the nicest principal ever. Blake
because all of the kids are all nice to each other. Lillian
because they make us smart. Mark
because we can have snack together. I love it because we get to go to Mass together. Jesse
because I learn. Wyatt
because we have an amazing principal. Allison
because of football. John
because of church and my principal. Selena
because it is loving and friendly here. Carson
I like my friends and my principal. Nathan
because it is fun here. I also like PE. Oscar
because we have amazing teachers. we get to go to church. Adjoa
because I am a great artist. Thomas


Second Grade
because it is holy and loving, the children and God. Everyone is nice. I think we have the greatest priest. Love, Abril
because I love Fr. Mike and I have nice friends. Maddie
because we pray and show love to God. My Catholic school has a principal and he is the best principal in the world. My school shows people how to love, that love is the most special thing in the world. And I bet you enjoy coming to this school. I bet you find love here. Lillian
because everyone is really nice. Tristan
because it has caring people and teachers. I love this school because everybody is nice. Tatiana
because it’s funny, the kids care about others, and they love to help Haiti. We help people in need. Sofia
because because there are great teachers and a great principal. Be nice to people. Maggie
because it is pretty and God loves everybody here. Fr. Mike is a nice priest and he is very serious about loving and I care about him and he cares about me. Regan
because I like to pray and because I love my friends. Leslie
because I think we have the best priests in the world. Peyton
because I have wonderful friends and an awesome principal and awesome priests. The one and only thing I love is to pray. The homilies are so interesting about the old and new testament. PS: MY siblings and teachers here are awesome. Olivia S
because we have the best principal. We are the best school with lots of people that are very loving. Skylar
because I like when Mr. Clady comes to talk to us. I love it here because I like when we go to recess and make new friends. Anna
because we are sharing and nice. Everybody is nice. We love our school and we are friends. Starla J
because I love my friends here. I love that I get to pray here. JT
because my friends here were the first friends I had. Jolette
because there are nice people and there are good priests. There is also a good principal. Caroline
because we can pray and learn religion. I love my Catholic faith. I love OLG
because we can make friends. Sean
because everyone is nice and they serve good and healthy food. Gerard
because I love to go to church. Reese
because we celebrate God in Mass. And Fr. Mike is really nice. Josalyn
because everybody is unique and we have a good principal. Riley
because we have good priests and nice people. Faith
because there are good people here. And there are good teachers. Maria
because I get to see my friends. Gwen
because of you Fr. Mike. And going to church. Nick
because we go to church and it is very peaceful. Olivia B
because of Fr. Mike. He is great. Caden
because I have a priest. I love it because we get first communion soon. Isabella
because you have good friends to play with at recess. And another thing I like is we have church. Olivia Harr.
because we do art. And I like going to gym and music. Olivia J
because I like my friends at this school. And all the teachers. Olivia Harl.
because we are Christians. I love my Catholic school because we go to Mass every Wednesday and we have an awesome principal. Roxy
because we are like a family. I also love it because we are holy. Tabitha
because I like my friends. I like my friends because they are funny. I like the food here. It is tasty. I like the teachers. They are kind. Luis
because every teacher is the best. I like everything and I like the Fathers. I like that there are good people here. I love sports too. Charlie
because of lunch. I also like my teacher. Aidan
because I love Fr. Mike. I love my principal. Noah
because of the food. I like the music. Bryce


Some Fourth Grade
My favorite thing about OLG is CYO because I love volleyball. Maddie H
I love this school because I am free to pray and talk about God. This has affected my family and me because it has inspired me and my brothers to serve and pray at night. John
God has changed me here. I know more of God and about how to be nice to my friends and nice and respectful to my family. I got to know new friends and they treat me like a real friend. Valeria
This Catholic school has changed my life because my best friends are here. I get to learn about God and Jesus. This Catholic school will change my life forever. Kathryn
A way this school has impacted me is that it has taught me to give back, like to Haiti. Alexis
I enjoy learning at this school. Michael
This school has impacted my family because now we get to go to church and it is really fun at school. And some people think there’s not a difference but I think there is. Gabrielle
This school has made me want to go to Mass more. It has made my behavior better and made me come closer to my sisters. Savannah
We learn different things than public schools. It’s more fun. We get to talk about God and Jesus. I improve a lot here. Ashton
I love that I have lots of friends here. Everyone’s nice because we all know Jesus. It’s not like that in public schools. Alex
My experience in a Catholic school has helped me to improve my relationship with God and my friends. David
This Catholic school has made my life better. Holding my good and bad memories, this place is my childhood. Samantha
This school has helped me rise in my faith. Noah
This school has helped me improve my family and I changed my life by growing in the church. It has helped me to learn more. I have more friends and do not feel left out. MY family brought me here to kindergarten and pre-K through fourth grade! MY sister gave me this idea to go to OLG school. Thanks Emmi! Love, Minna
This school has given me a chance to grow. There is no mistreating here. We are all equal and part of the family. Colin


Sixth Grade
The teachers here help and challenge you at the same time. They teach us about friendship and promises. – Sierra L
OLG is the best school you could ever imagine. Brianna L
I like OLG because of friends. I can’t name one person who has been mean to me here. – Courtney K
I think OLG rocks because as soon as you walk through the doors, you are pushed to do and be your best. – Zander H
OLG is a good school because here we have faith in God and in one another. – Kyla P
I love OLG because I love our faith. – Luke B
OLG is the best because it helps us grow in our faith as Christians. – Noah W
We are all happy and we all align our paths together with God. And it is a No Bullying School. Leo D
OLG rocks because we get to pray at school. – Sophia D
This is the best school to go to if you want to have lots of friends and C
The teachers here actually care about us as people. – Gabby C
This school has the best atmosphere you can imagine. – Kierstan R
The list of reasons OLG rocks goes on forever. We have good lunches and lunch ladies, Mass every Wednesday and religion every day, and great sports. The lunches we have are amazing, ranging from burgers to salad and even ceaser wraps, and we have cookies every Tuesday. -Chris L
All the people here give you a good vibe. – Lucie C
This school is a lovely school to go to. It’s more than you could expect. – Jennifer M
One reason OLG rocks is that all the staff members have a sense of humor. – Gina G
This is why OLG rocks: we get to go to church! – Andrew M
Our priest is super fun and great to talk with. He also runs great Masses. I love getting communion. I feel better after every Mass. – Chris P
I am so thankful that my parents make the sacrifices they do in order to send me here. I love OLG. – Sam W
Our new priest, Fr. Mike, is very funny. He really knows our kid-like minds. – Dillon S
I love OLG because everyone is always loving in a Christian way. We always help each other and support each other. -Alicia L
At OLG, the faith is incorporated into our daily life. Every day we have religion class and we pray three times a day. It’s nice how OLG encourages you to practice and live out your faith. – Haley J
OLG is an absolutely amazing school. You make friends for life here. The atmosphere is great and people always smile. We also have great sports. The coaches are great even though they push you hard. I should know: my dad’s the football coach. – Connor M


Seventh Grade
The best thing about OLG is that we go to Mass and celebrate the Eucharist with our classmates. Jessica P
By being at this school, I am close to people who are close to God and so I get closer to God. Joseph C
We are all united in faith here. Chloe C.
We have good sports. The coaches are really nice but they make you work hard. Theo K
I think I have the best friends ever. I’m so glad I go to this school. Lizzy S
OLG has the best teachers who care about your well being. Ben K
OLG rocks because it is a great school for sports. Sam G
OLG rocks because every day you get greeted by the principal and teachers. It makes you feel like you’re at home. Hayden F
OLG rocks because of everyone’s faith. Ashley V
OLG is an amazing school with great staff and teachers, and awesome kids, too. I have made lots of friends here. Some have stayed, some have gone, but friends are always at OLG. Colin P
OLG is the best place to be. We are lucky to be here. Caroline L
At OLG, we learn the faith and practice it. Brandon K
Good teachers, faith, friends, and good studies are all here in this school. Erick C
You make friends that like you for who you are. I was miserable at my old school, so when I came here I was much happier than before. I love it at OLG. Kat
OLG is a great school to make friends. We learn more in our faith while making friends. That is a great combination. Connor M
We are a big family here at OLG. We never exclude. We may fight but we get over it. I love OLG! Lizzy R
If you don’t understand something here, don’t worry about it. The teachers will stop and go over it. You learn something new every day. While here you will get countless friends, and that is one amazing reason why I love going to OLG. These are only two of the many, many reasons OLG is amazing. Carson S
OLG rocks because it is a great place to make friends and life and to grow in faith. We get to do all this because our parents make huge sacrifices to send us here. Nathaniel M
Even though I’ve been here for only two years, I have learned a lot. I have made good friends, played sports, and have taken big steps in my faith. When I came to OLG, I became more knowledgeable about myself than I used to be. Conner W
The people here are the nicest, most caring people I have ever met before. Rodrigo M
This is Our Lady of Greenwood. This is a school. This is home. This is friends. This is faith. I’ve been here three years and it gave me a brand new life and it makes me happy to have all the friends I do. Lilly N
Without OLG, I would not have the same life I do today. I don’t know if I would be as good a Christian without the guide of all the great teachers and staff, and also Msgr. Mark and Fr. Mike. John W
Everyone at OLG is welcoming. We love to do activities here as a community, like playing sports. OLG is a great school to go to. I am blessed to be here!
I have been attending OLG for ten years now. It has been an incredible journey. This place is amazing. Annamarie S
OLG rocks because of all the great people and friends you meet when you come, and the teachers are amazing. I give thanks to my parents and to God that I am here. Brayan Z
I have been here at OLG for ten years now and I am so happy I haven’t gone anywhere else. OLG has a great atmosphere every time you walk through the door, and it has great people in it. Ella R
There are so many reasons OLG rocks that I lose track. It takes some great parents to take you to a great school, so thank you Mom and Dad. Thomas T
Thank you for allowing us to expand our faith. Thank you for helping us follow the path God laid out for us. Thank you for helping us stay on that path. Kathy P
The teachers and staff at OLG always find a way to make any class lesson fun. They’re funny and goofy and can always relate to your situation. Tobey S
At OLG, faith is a big component. There are always Catholic sacramentals in every room and we go to church each week and pray twice daily as a school. For any parents reading this, thank you for sending your child to a Catholic school. It has made a big impact on their lives, for it has on mine. Lexy M
I can see the power of our faith at this school. Liam M
Every day I come here I know it’s going to be a good day. Another reason OLG rocks is Fr. Mike. He is the best priest in the world. He shows you how to love God in many ways. Every day is filled with prayer and that is another good thing about OLG. I am very blessed to go to OLG and soon to Roncalli. God has great plans for me and one of htem was to go to OLG. Scott C
The reason OLG rocks is because of all the activities here. Ryan W
OLG rocks because the teachers are very nice and very helpful. Alex C


Eighth Grade
OLG is my second home. OLG is like one big, happy family. We fight over little things, but we laugh over anything. Most of all, we live life to the fullest here. Here at OLG, I’ve come to know God and to love him. He is the one thing I care about. My faith has not grown alone. I was with all my classmates, learning together side by side. – Carson M
The biggest reason OLG rocks is that they teach you that God is all you need to be happy, that our faith is something beautiful. – Molly T
I would not be the person I am today were it not for OLG. – Andrew B
I’m happy to graduate this year, but I’m sad I won’t be able to see any of my friends again. But at least I had the best times here at OLG. It’s the best experience I’ve ever had. That’s why OLG rocks. – Devon D
OLG rocks with all the friendships. Everyone makes friends with everyone. Our priest walks through the halls some days and he will even stop in to say hi to every class. – Conner L
Looking back at my experience at OLG, I have grown in my faith and in my life. I am proud to have gone to this school. I have recieved my first reconciliation and first communionhere. Over the y ears I have had the best teachers and the best learning expierencehere. Overall, OLG has been my life. -Matthew W
OLG rocks because of the people. – Joy M
I am beyond thankful for the people at OLG that I have been surrounded by these past nine years. I would not trade these years for anything. – Megan T
OLG is the best school because it is a place of joy and happiness. This school has so many extra-curricular activities that you will never be bored. This truly is the best school. – Braden H
The students at OLG are friendly and love to hang out and have fun! New friendships are being made here every day. Ths kids at this school offer help and are not afraid to ask for help. – Chris P
I have attended OLG for nine years and have benefitted from every moment. I have received an amazing education, but I have also become a better person. -Sophia D
Looking back at my time here, I realize I cannot be more blessed. I have great role models and life-long friends. My faith has grown. Every day, I am reminded here of how great our God is. – Emily S
The teachers here are always available and make you feel that you are an important part of the classroom. The principal, Mr. Clady, know every single name by heart. – Carson R
OLG is great because of these three factors: faith, love and friendship. I always feel like I have someone to talk to and that they truly care about me. -Gretchen G
Here, you become friends with everyone in your grade like a family. Our faith shows through this school. Every Wednesday we as a school go to Mass, and it is one of the best events that will happen in a student’s life. -Megan B
When I’m in either sports, activities, or friendships, my faith is with me. I’ve learned that at OLG. – Taylor P
Everyone at OLG, friends and teachers, are very supportive and push me to do my best. – Elizabeth O
OLG rocks because I have learned how to evangelize, what the biblical narratives are, and that the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one. OLG rocks because Fr. Mike gave us rosaries to keep on our peson. OLG rocks because there is a big rock on the outside with the ten commandments and the beatitudes. – Thomas L
OLG is a family that everyone should want to be a part of, just like the Church! I love everything about OLG. Our day revolves around one saying: What Would Jesus Do?- Josh W
OLG rocks because of the many opportunities offered to us. Unlike most, here we are allowed to profess our faith. Along with that we have a quality education as a bonus. – Cullen N
Since coming to OLG, I’ve grown up with the same group of kids. Sometimes we’ll talk about something that happened in fourth grade, but it’s cool because we all remember it. Everyone here is close with God and always tries to do what Jesus would want us to do. I love all my friends to death!! – Annie W
OLG rocks because you get to go to Mass. -Phillip H
My faith with God and my grades have become better since I started coming to this school. -Brian G
I love OLG because of the friends and family I have made here. Everyone here is so loving and everyone treats each other with respect and friendliness. -Nina B
OLG is the best school around. We have the best teachers you could ask for. They don’t just teach you about certain subjects. They teach you how to be a good follower of Christ. OLG also has the best priests around. I have spent ten years here and I have loved every moment of it. I thank my parents for sending me to OLG. -Anthony W
It is a blessing to go to OLG. Our school is like a big family that sticks together. -Nathan M
I can’t imagine spending my elementary and middle school years anywhere else. The teachers are awesome and I’ve learned so much from them, noy just about the subjects they teach, but about myself also. Everyone is friends with everyone at OLG. -Emme M
At OLG, you don’t have to worry about not having friends because everyone is nice and loving. Go Eagles! -Anon.

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