Our Lady of The Greenwood School, an Indiana Department of Education Grade A School and a 2010 National Blue Ribbon School, walks with your family to help you unite faith with academic excellence. With a strong faculty and staff, we support you in your vision for your children.

You know faith is important. You want your children to become caring and responsible people who rely on God as their source of inspiration and empowerment. Through our Religion program, worship life, service projects, and dedication to the Catholic Church’s sacraments, we weave a tapestry life-long commitment to education and faith. In Him we move, grow, learn, and have our being. Your children will experience this every day throughout the day.

You know the high level of reading and math required in a global and specialized world. In our Reading, Language Arts, and Math programs, we strive to not only provide solid foundations, but we also develop higher order thinking skills. Children work co-operatively. Learners are met where they are through differentiated instruction. Technology is integrated into all subject areas. 

You know your children are heart and soul, more than a number on a test score. Our music program provides performance opportunities. In the middle grade years, band is offered. The art program allows children to meet the masters while creating their own masterpieces. Physical education gives kinesthetic learners time to explore and enhance their learning modalities. 

You know your children are fascinated by our world. Our Science and Social Studies programs give the children a place to make sense out of what is around them. Putting together the puzzle pieces from the past with the ever-changing present is what we love to do. The absolute beauty of it all is that we can do all this work through the lens of faith. As people of God, we can ask the tough question of what are we called to do to make our world the Kingdom of God while always pointing to the Resurrection as the ultimate sign of hope.